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What is a Cozy Cocoon?

What is a Cozy Cocoon?
The Cozy Cocoon is a one-piece baby body sock for swaddling newborns, made of stretchy cotton. Holds baby close but allows little arms and legs to stretch and explore naturally. Smartly designed in soft stretchy cotton knit, you simply roll it up over the baby and baby is completely tucked and held. Nothing to wrap or snap, no velcro and no fuss. If you’re not exactly skilled in the art of swaddling, this is the perfect solution. Once on, there is no jerking, startling movement, no skin-irritating synthetic fabrics and little limbs can explore and stretch safely. The most natural progression from out of the womb and into the arms of the caregiver. For every layette, for everyday, have one on hand before birth! Available in natural organic cotton and our adorable, exclusive, organic leopard print. Small fits newborn to 13 lbs. Large fits 13 to 18 lbs.  Preemie size also available.   The first 40 days are most important for keeping baby close and swaddled. The benefits will last a lifetime.                                                     Updating the art of SwaddlingaHow many times have you witnessed the uncertain, jerking movements of a newborn, startled by her new ability to move freely through space, subject to a gravity unknown before birth? The Cocoon helps the newborn gain orientation in the world by imitating the closeness of the womb, providing comfort containment and security, all vital elements for growing confident and compassionate little people!No ties, no straps, no buttons, no snaps, slips onto baby like a sock; Stretchy cozy cotton, 100% fabric, no Velcro.aWhat is a Cozy Cocoon?aMore than just a product, the Cozy Cocoon® is an idea, which is that by swaddling our newborns with comfort and beauty, we encourage healthy development of the senses and we nurture the child’s adjustment out of the womb and into the world. By this means, Cozy Cocoon® supports parents in building a strong foundation for the child’s developing sense of self in the world. When babies are tucked into the Cozy Cocoon® there is no jerking, startling movement, and no skin-irritating synthetic fabrics to startle them out of their dreamy reverie and into the rollicking world. Our softly-colored, natural organic fabric into which baby is completely tucked and held, is the most natural progression from out of the womb and into the arms of the caregiver. The idea of the Cozy Cocoon rests on the wisdom of ancient and indigenous cultures that finds a unique expression in our own time, not based on replication of old ideas, but by recognizing that in our modern times we need modern solutions to the most basic and beautiful of life’s experiences ~ bringing new life into the world. Now available in 4 stylesB A B Y   B U N T I N G    * This is the standard Cozy Cocoon®    * One layer of medium weight cotton/lycra (95%/5%)    * Open only at the top     * Sewn in bib goes in the front    * For every layette, for everyday, have one on hand before birthS W E E T   P E A    * One layer of medium weight cotton/lycra (95%/5%)    * Open at top and bottom    * Extra length with added soft layer of cotton at the bottom    * Sewn in bib    * Addedlength to stretch and growS N U G   B U G    * Two layers    * Inner layer: close fitting, cotton/lycra (95%/5%)    * Outer layer: sherpa or velour cotton, roomier cut for bkanket covering    * Opening at the top is wider than other cozy cocoons    * Great for traveling and for cool weatherR O C K   A   B Y E    * Two layers    * Inner layer: close fitting, cotton/lycra (95%/5%)    * Outer layer: trim cotton/lycra (95%/5%) covering    * Opening at the top is wider than other cozy cocoons    * Snug wrap with two close fitting layersThe Cozy Cocoon comes in an assortment of prints, colors and fabrics, including Organic!How do you get the baby inside?aSimplicity and harmony of design make Cozy Cocoon® the easiest choice for swaddling baby. The beauty of it, is its ease!  You simply slip it on like a sock!  It's stretchy cozy cotton, so… you roll or scrunch it up in your hands, just like a sock, with the little bib in the front. Start at the feet of your baby, and roll and stretch it up over the legs and the body. Gently tuck the hands inside, carefully folding them over the chest. Now, stretch it up to the neck. Viola! Your baby is instantly tucked, held and swaddled.  It's that simple!Cozy Cocoon Size ChartaBecause they are all made of a close fitting, stretchy cotton, all Cozy Cocoons allow for your baby to stretch, move and grow beyond these measurements.                                                   Some Comments from our Cozy CustomersaThe Cozy Cocoon works much like a swaddling blanket, yet there is no need to learn to wrap, as it is sewn perfectly to gently place the baby inside for swaddling. It does not wrap tightly around the infant, but is snug enough to keep them cozy, as the name implies.The Cozy Cocoon Baby Bunting helps to comfort baby and keeps them from jerking them self awake when they are fast asleep. Baby feels at home, as if she is still in the womb, because it holds her close and keeps her feeling warm and secure. This makes for a happy baby; and as we all know, when baby is happy, mommy is happy!One of the noted benefits I have enjoyed is that of ease in nursing my infant. I am sure you have witnessed the same as I have, the way an infant will be nursing and then get their little hands in the way, or will push away without aiming to, or will almost be asleep and then will jerk them self awake, in a reflex movement and then you have an upset baby instead of the content little one you had moments before. The Cozy Cocoon bag removes all of these problems, by gently tucking her arms inside, for a snuggly feeding and rest time. This allows baby to latch on easily, remain latched on throughout the feeding and then fall fast asleep with no interruption.Made of lightweight cotton material, it is great to use in all weather. Baby will not become too warm in the summer and it will fit over warmer bed attire for winter months. It is also easy to care for. When it becomes soiled, simply launder it as you do your other baby clothing and it will come out looking fresh and new.I find the Cozy Cocoon to be very attractive in look and design. The makers of the Cozy Cocoon have taken great care in making them out of beautiful organic materials that are so darling on a little one. This product also comes in an adorable leopard organic print, so you can adjust according to your taste and needs.I find this set to be great for naptime, cuddle time, feeding time, fussy times and for after a bath. My baby will cuddle right up the second it is on and will calm down for a peaceful rest within moments. There are no snaps, velcro or buttons to worry about, so placing it on them and removing it is a breeze and can be easily done without disrupting their sleep.This product is well priced and well made. There is no going wrong with this one. I am sure you will be pleased, as will your baby. Make your life with baby more perfect. Thanks so much for a great product.  I Love these! The Cozy Cocoon was such a wonderful tool to help my infant baby boy sleep sweetly and soundly.  We used his for more than a few months and now I buy them as shower gifts for all new moms to be.  The organic cotton is a great option to have especially when considering what a tender  little body that it will be wrapped around.  Thanks again!   P.S. Your company has been a pleasure each time.  Your customer service is always helpful and I received my order in no time.  Thanks again. With much gratitude! Kelly   


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